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Y Soft SafeQ Cloud

The trend to streamline IT infrastructures, reducing complexity and costs, and using more and more Cloud solutions, is now consolidated also in Italy. Flexibility is the keyword, to be able to adapt to different needs and different ways of working: in the office, remotely, in shared environments. Even when it comes to printing.

What is SafeQ Cloud

SafeQ Cloud is a Cloud platform from which you can manage the printers installed, even on multiple Customers or Offices: defining the methods for managing the devices, limiting the access only to authorized users, and controlling costs, thanks to the generated reports and the possibility of applying a cost for each print job. All of this can be installed in the Cloud, or on-premise, or in a hybrid Cloud, to allow all authorized users to print from any device, mobile or desktop, to any printer in your facility.

How SafeQ Cloud works

Using the latest technology, built around a highly scalable platform, SafeQ Cloud represents the next generation of Cloud printing that minimizes, if not eliminates, the presence of print servers. A single solution that can be totally flexible in the type of hosting:

– it can operate entirely in the Cloud, installed in the data center of the service provider;
– in a hybrid configuration and to guarantee highest level of security, it is possible to install a local gateway, located between the primary server and the printing devices: in this way, SafeQ Cloud is located in the Cloud, while the print spools and the users directory remain within the corporate network; – when installed in the local data center, SafeQ Cloud operates in a private Cloud: this is a way to guarantee the compliance with the security policies for Companies that limit the use of public Clouds, while ensuring the same processes and capabilities. The SafeQ Cloud app, available for Android and iOS, makes printing even easier, allowing you to manage authentication and job release directly from your mobile device.


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