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In order to be effective, digitization processes need reliable tools that take the data flow from paper to digital. Autostore is a software that lays between the source (scanner, multifunction, e-mail, …) and the destination (digital archiving database, document management systems), automatically processing the information and addressing it in the most correct way.

it works

Autostore is a middleware that works on three main phases: capture of documents from multiple sources, process of those documents and routing to multiple applications.


Documents can be acquired by Autostore from:

  • Multifunction printers
  • scanner
  • network folders
  • e-mail
  • XML


Autostore processes include:

  • OCR
  • form recognition
  • image processing
  • barcode recognition with indicization and document separation
  • document security
  • document conversion


Once acquired and processed, documents are then sent to multiple destinations:

  • document management systems
  • collaboration software
  • printers, multifunction devices, e-mail boxes
  • enterprise repository


The integration of Autostore allows you to simplify many business processes, making them automatic and intuitive. For example, in the case of an insurance company that needs to archive different types of policies produced in the various agencies and distributed throughout the country. Users will send the digitized and indexed policies to the central server, with an extremely simplified procedure and with maximum reliability. Using the barcode technology, the user will not have to deal with the indexing of the documents, but will limit himself to pressing a one-touch key on the panel of the acquisition device (in the case of HP devices). Once scanned, the policies will be sent to the Autostore server at the headquarters, processed and placed in specific paths with specific names.

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