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Equitrac is an on-premise print management solution with an established and evolving history. Included by Tungsten Automation within the Control Suite package, it represents a reliable and effective tool that allows you to reduce printing costs and increase printer and document security.

Equitrac allows users to authenticate at network printers, using a PIN code, company badge or mobile device, keeps track of print and copy activities, allows to print and collect documents in total security, and to configure printing rules that are automatically applied. Equitrac also helps reduce paper and toner waste.

it works

Equitrac offers all of these functionalities into a unique solution:

Follow-You printing

send a document to printing and collect it on any enabled printer in the company, using the company badge or a PIN


get personalized reports that analyse the use of printing devices and suggest how to save

Quota management and cost centres

set some use thresholds for devices, based on corporate divisions

Rule-based printing 

Settings that rule specific functionalities of the devices


Functionalities from Autostore (OCR to process documents: Scan to Mail/ Folder/Sharepoint/Network Folder)

Mobile Printing

With Business Connect app (via NFC and Bluetooth, it allows to access documents and functionalities made available specifically to the user)

Advanced security 

of data and documents



Cost reduction

Enhanced security for devices and documents

Green (reduces waste of paper and toner)

Manages alert on consumables and the status of the devices

Oberon can integrate Equitrac also on a multibrand installed base, providing support throughout the whole integration process.


Supported Devices

Equitrac is a multibrand solution that integrates with devices from most of the brands of printers and multifunction devices.


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