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Even today, medium and large companies still use IBM AS/400 and Mainframe systems for their business applications. These applications produce documents that would normally require IBM printers to be printed, but with the support of our solutions they can be printed on office printers.

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IBM AS/400 and Mainframe host systems produce two different data streams when it comes to printing: SCS (SNA Character String) and IPDS (Intelligent Print Data Stream). An office printer is normally unable to recognize, and therefore print, this type of data stream. It is therefore necessary to use a printing solution that adds this language to the printer or that converts SCS/IPDS into a language known to laser printers such as PCL5 or PostScript.

To guarantee the compatibility of the printers with the Host systems, Oberon offers both hardware (MPI LinkCom, MPS BlueKit IPDS) and software (MPI BlueServer) solutions.


Hardware solutions are available and certified for HP devices. MPI BlueServer supports any PCL or PostScript device. Please check the compatibility of your devices with our sales team.


Cost-saving and flexibility, using office devices for host printing

standard output

easy to install and configure

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