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SafeCom is an on-premise print management solution included by Tungsten Automation within the Control Suite package. Modular and scalable, it satisfies the needs of secure printing (pull printing), traceability, cost control and printing rules, for all Enterprises. SafeCom adds to printers and multifunctional devices an authentication system based on the Company badge or user code and PIN.

How it works

SafeCom is a solution for the Windows environment, made up of three main elements: SafeCom Server, SafeCom GO (embedded client to be installed on supported multifunctional devices) and the card reader.

Here are the main features:

Pull Print – secure printing

users don’t need to select the destination printer when they print, but they can collect their printouts on any printing device enabled with SafeCom


track print and copy activity and get detailed reports on the printing behaviours of users and devices

Rule Based Printing

set print rules based on group of users, and optimize the printer load based on kind of job, user profile and printer capabilities


Pay for Print

charge for printouts and copies. A SafeCom user can purchase a scalable credit for printing and copying on devices enabled with SafeCom Pay.

Security (encryption)

the Encryption module grants the highest security level by crypting the dataflow.  


Cost control and reduction of waste of paper and toner

Efficiency, printing anytime on any printer

Security of printers and documents


Supported devices

SafeCom is available for the main printer brands on the market. Please check the compatibility of your device with our sales team.


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