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Oberon Service

beyond printing

Active since 1987, Oberon Service deals with the development and integration of advanced printing and document management solutions. Our team of specialists supports resellers and end-users in choosing the most suitable solution for printing and the management of printersand documents, guaranteeing support in the installation and throughout the period of use.

Oberon offers both on-premise solutions, integrated into the customer’s infrastructure, and Cloud solutions, supporting the Customer in choosing the product that suits his needs best.

A complete solutions portfolio is constantly updated and able to increase business productivity, analyze and reduce the management costs for the fleet of printers and multifunction devices, improve document management processes, ensure privacy and much more.

Customization and integration

In addition to simple distribution, Oberon takes care of integrating the products into the customer’s environment, customizing them according to the needs of the project.


Over thirty years of experience and the continuous search for innovative solutions make Oberon a point of reference for most Italian companies, in all verticals.


The Oberon team supports and collaborates with resellers, providing consultancy and presales activities, in order to integrate the most suitable solution for their customer.


We take care of all the aspects that go beyond the concept of printing, adding value to your investment, reducing costs and increasing productivity.

Cloud Solutions



Secure printing without the need for a print server, with Cloud print management solutions that allow you to print from any device to any enabled printer.



Document management with Cloud solutions, which allow the digitization and setting of information flows based on the Company’s needs.




With the change of business models, Companies in all sectors are renewing their IT infrastructures, reducing their complexity and costs. New technologies make it possible to replace the classic approach that involves the purchase of software licenses installed on-premise on a local server, in favor of Cloud solutions and with a SaaS licensing. This type of setup makes it possible to offer services that significantly reduce purchase and maintenance costs, and to optimize the IT infrastructure, working in both Cloud and hybrid environments, and guaranteeing flexibility, security and dynamism.


In addition to Cloud solutions, Oberon offers a portfolio of printing and document management solutions, which can be installed on-premise, in the Customer’s infrastructure. The solutions proposed and integrated by Oberon allow you to analyse, monitor and reduce the costs related to managing your printers and multifunction fleet, improve document management processes, increase business productivity, ensure privacy and much more.


Each solution can be installed by our team within the end-customer’s infrastructure: we take care of every detail of the integration process and the Customer support throughout the project, providing consultancy and dedicated assistance, both on-site and remotely. Our R&D team is able to provide further customizations so that the solution integrates perfectly into the user environment, respecting the infrastructure and Company policies.

Print Management
Secure printig

Secure printers to control and protect their use, reducing printing costs

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Electronic and intelligent forms

Analysis and design of business forms and corporate documents, and the printing processes involved

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Workflow, Document acquisition and management

Optimize digitization processes, incorporating paper-based information into the document flow

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Professional services and consultancy

Advice and assistance in every phase of the project, with dedicated sales team and certified technicians

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