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Digitalization and document management

To optimize digitalization processes, it’s required to incorporate paper information within the document management flow, maintaining the highest levels of security and occupying the least possible space. This complex process requires intelligent, flexible and customizable tools, yet easy to use.


Business processes are ruled by the correct distribution of documents: immediate access to useful information can make the difference in critical moments of the business, and it is

Too often, ineffective archiving makes data recovery slow, and sometimes impossible; it may also happen that documents are lost during the journey from office to office inside the Company. Furthermore, data entry costs are a burden, but it can be reduced, if not avoided, thanks to highly automated solutions.


Based on your needs, Oberon creates customized workflow projects ready to automate, simplify and integrate the documents flow within the Company infrastructures. We provide and integrate solutions capable of processing documents and enrich them with valuable information for research, before directing them to databases; and solutions that automatically capture data from forms acquired via scanner or mfp, and integrate them within the Company management system. They are all highly customizable solutions, yet simple to configure and use.

Oberon analyzes, designs and integrates the best solution for your document management.


An optimized management of your documents allows your Company’s staff to retrieve the necessary information quickly and intuitively. This represents a significant advantage in terms of optimizing corporate resources and reducing waste. Furthermore, entrusting documents to an automatic management system is a further benefit against any human errors and losses.

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