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MyQ Roger

In a hybrid and dynamic work environment, it is ideal to have a flexible solution that allows you to print in any condition, maintaining a high level of protection both for the document and the printer, and without requiring a dedicated server. Whether it’s a shared workspace, an office or a school, printing in the Cloud optimizes and speeds up processes.

What is
MyQ Roger

MyQ Roger is the Cloud printing solution proposed by MyQ. It allows you to have control of your prints directly from your mobile device (Android and iOS), through the MyQ Roger app, so you can access the printing and document management functions anywhere, anytime. It is a full Cloud solution that guarantees maximum simplicity of installation and use, the highest safety standards and many features that make Roger a real intelligent digital assistant.

it works

MyQ Roger is a Cloud platform that integrates with the main Cloud services to ensure maximum document security: files sent for printing are saved in a dedicated folder within your OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft Universal Print account. Once you reach the printer, you just have to authenticate with your mobile device, by scanning the QR code shown on the printer panel, or through the NFC tag applied to the printer, or via Bluetooth. You don’t need to be connected to the local network or a VPN, you just need an internet connection. MyQ Rogers also provides scanning functionalities via the mobile camera, and directing the document acquired to specific folders. All of this in a SaaS logic.



Easy to install, configure and use

Protection of devices and documents

BYOD and mobile print

Contactless printing

Supports Green policies

Supported devices

MyQ Roger is available for HP, Kyocera e Ricoh devices. Please check the compatibility of your printing device with our sales team.

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