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Bardimm is the solution for barcode printing in SAP and AS/400 environments. Developed by Celiveo, it is the ideal solution for those Companies who need to print the barcode directly on laser printers, without making changes to the applications and without using printers dedicated only to the barcode. Bardimm is SAP R/3 certified.

it works

BarDimm can be installed into one of the printer’s USB expansion ports and contains intelligent firmware that generates the barcode and automatically calculates the control character. The driver configured for SAP R/3 simplifies barcode printing in this environment. In addition to internal USB hardware support for compatible HP printer models, BarDimm is available as an external box, connectable via LAN or USB to any PCL5 printer.


without printers dedicated to barcode only


printing any barcode in any format with any office printer


Immediate document storage, printing barcode easily on corporate documents

Supported devices

Bardimm is available for HP LaserJet printers. Please contact us to check the compatibility with your device.

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