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To be effective, digitization processes need a solid foundation made of well-structured documents, which contain all the information to be included in the workflow. Compliance with Company standards and flexibility are two key elements. Oberon provides an analysis and design service to optimize business forms and documents, and the related printing processes.


Since the introduction of the Windows operating system, capable of managing graphics in a simple and intuitive way, Companies have replaced the old pre-printed forms with electronic ones. The problem mainly arises when the print jobs come from non-Windows systems, where the download of the graphics together with the variable data still represents a difficult obstacle to overcome. Where this problem has been solved, the issue of network traffic remains an issue, since the files containing the fixed parts are much larger in size than the simple variable data, which are typically text files. More traffic on the network means increased transmission times, especially when printing is remote.


Oberon uses a portfolio of output management solutions, interfaced with any system, to provide documents that are always up-to-date, in line with the corporate identity and compatible with digitization processes.


Whether it’s a logistics company, which has to move goods accompanied by documents in a timely manner, or an insurance company, which has to produce up-to-date policies and stickers, our electronic forms solutions and the related services are a key support for having documents always available, without printing interruptions, ready for the customer and for collaborators.

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