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Cloud Workflow

To optimize digitization processes, it is necessary to incorporate paper information within the document management flow, with the highest level of security. This process requires intelligent, flexible and customizable tools that guarantee ease of use and that can be reached anywhere: Cloud workflow solutions.


Optimized business processes are governed by the correct distribution of documents: immediate access to useful information can make the difference in critical moments of the business, and it is essential to avoid accidental loss of documents.

Too often, ineffective archiving makes data recovery slow, and sometimes impossible; it also happens that documents are lost during the many changes of hand through the company. Furthermore, data entry costs are a burden that can be reduced, if not avoided, thanks to highly automated solutions.


In order to comply with digitalization, it is crucial to set up workflow processes capable of managing the information contained in the documents in an automated and reliable way, so that they can be used in the best possible way. Security is a fundamental aspect, as well as the simplification of IT infrastructures and cost reduction. Oberon develops, integrates and customizes Cloud solutions to manage document flows, combining all these characteristics, and guaranteeing all the flexibility required by new business models (hybrid work environments, mobility, automation).


Managing documents in the Cloud allows to all of your staff to retrieve the necessary information quickly and intuitively, allowing to optimize your company resources. Entrusting documents to an automatic management system ensures against any human errors and losses. A step forward in digital transformation.

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