Print Management


A printing infrastructure without supervision can generate hidden costs. Especially in big Corporations or in public offices, where multiple users benefit from printing and multifunction devices, an effective control it’s clearly necessary to avoid abuse.


When a printer or a multifunction device is shared between multiple users, the security of both devices and documents is jeopardized. Privacy is at risk and confidential documents can be viewed or even collected by unauthorized personnel. Furthermore, users commonly print documents that they don’t really need or by fault: these printouts lay on the output tray, uncollected, before being moved into the waste bin. To reduce costs and provide the correct security level to documents, a print management solution is the best choice.


Oberon designs, integrates and personalize solutions for any corporate need, in order to protect both devices and documents, reduce costs and waste, and enhance your installed base. To access printing, copying and scanning, the user must authenticate at the printer or multifunction device, through the company card. The documents sent to print then lay crypted on a server until their respective owner authenticates at the printer. The user can view the document, select it for printing or cancel it from the printing queue. Secure and pull printing solutions can build reports on the effective usage of devices, in order to track costs and identify waste.
Oberon proposes to integrate a specific solution, according to technical and functional reasons, totally respecting the Customer’s needs.


Controlling printing and multifunction devices means an increased awareness of cost and a dramatic reduction of waste of toner, paper, energy and resources. Secure and pull printing solutions protect confidential documents and offer an overall solution that fit the Customer’s needs.

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