MPS & Tracking


To reduce printing costs and access printing services like pay-per-use or cost-per-print, a deep knowledge of your own environment and the printing habits of your users is a key differentiator. If these elements are analyzed properly, new printing and workflow processes can be built and integrated in order to identify the source of waste.

In order choose a solution to rationalize the installed base of printers and MFP, you should take into consideration that installed devices are commonly from multiple brands and are covered by different type of contracts. Each offer available on the market, like “cost per print” or “pay per use” or “all inclusive”, could hide unexpected costs or neglect specific needs. Analyzing those contracts can be very complex and involves multiple figures within the company (IT, purchase, general services). To help these departments choose and compare different offers and control the effective use ofthe  corporate printing infrastructure, an accurate analysis is the first step.

Tracking and assessment solutions help you capture data regarding print, copy and send-to functionalities. Oberon proposes different tools to create report and complex analysis, starting from the existing scenario and proposing new functionalities for the printing and workflow environment. These tools can be purchased or rented as a service for a specific period. It’s possible to check how much, how and where your users print, which applications are used, how and how much they print color, sorting this data by users, cost center or devices. Combining this data let you have an overall view of the existing situation and a base on which building the new scenario. The Customer can use this information to compare offers from multiple vendors or, after purchasing them, to control cost centers.

Collecting information in advance on print and workflow, let you reduce drastically extra costs that could come out at a later time. Controlling the effective use of printing means controlling your costs: thanks to customizable matrix, each device, user or single page can be assigned with a cost, offering a precise picture of real printing costs. A new printing and workflow project let you get a tremendous saving and increased productivity. Using state-of-the-art multifunction devices means a technologic enhancement thanks to document management systems.

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