Mobile printing



The use of mobile devices, like smartphones or tablets, has changed the way we work. Mobility is overtaking the concept of desktop: seating in front of the pc is no more necessary to contribute to business processes, and the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy is more and more common.  However, this scenario doesn't mean printing less, as a lot of documents need to be transferred on paper. How?



Printing from mobile devices can be easily arranged via an app, which is commonly provided by the printer OEM. But a business environment deserves a higher security level, in order to protect both documents and printing devices and to comply with the corporate security policy. Having a secure and customizable mobile printing application really makes the difference. The same need occurs in the hospitality environment, where a printing service offered as an added value requires security features to protect the guest's privacy.  Education can have the same requirement, as well: when students can use their own mobile devices in shared infrastructures, they get a great benefit, but this needs to be regulated. 



Oberon offers state-of-the-art mobile printing solutions, integrating them safely in the printing environment, both into the Customer's Private Could and as a SaaS (Solution as a Service), making it more flexible thus protected. Our development team is focused on implementing customized features and functionalities, tailoring the solution on the infrastructure and the user's needs. Printing solutions from our portfolio have been integrated worldwide in different environments: corporate, retail, finance, hospitality, education, health, and much more.



Offering a printing service to your users and guests, whether they are the guests of an hotel, or students of a school or employees of a firm, means huge benefits. Allowing to safely interface a mobile device to a printing device makes the information management process easier, thus protecting both devices and information.

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