IPDS Printing


Medium and large enterprises still use IBM AS/400 and Mainframe for their corporate applications. These applications normally require IBM printers for the printout.


IBM AS/400 and Mainframe hosts produce two different datastreams while printing: SCS (SNA Character String) and IPDS (Intelligent Print Data Stream). An office printer normally can't recognize and print this kind of data stream. It's then necessary to add a printing solution that adds this kind of language to the printer, or that converts SCS/IPDS data into a language recognized by the printers, as PCL5 or PostScript.


Per garantire la compatibilità delle stampanti con i sistemi Host, sono disponibili soluzioni sia hardware (interne ed esterne) che software. Hardware solutions can be EIO (slot of HP printers and MFPs) PrintServer boards or PrintServer appliances (external boxes that can be conected to any OCK5 or PostScript printer). HP printers already equipped with LAN interface can be expanded with hardware solutions on USB stick, adding IPDS language to the printer.

In case of big installation, the best solutions are software (server based): these scalable solutions can manage up to 64 SCS/IPDS print queues per unique server. With this kind of solution it's possible to get PDF output.


Using office printers already installed for Host printing means a huge saving and flexibility. Software solutions can offer standard output as PDF while printing.

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