Document Management


Data management within business processes requires advanced and state-of-the-art solutions. The information should be transferred from paper into the document management flow with the highest security level as possible and reducing the network load. This process requires intelligent, flexible and customizable, yet easy-to-use, tools.

Business processes must have a fair and sharp distribution of the documents: the immediate access to information can be crucial and it’s important to prevent the accidental loss of documents.
An inefficient archiving process causes a slow, and sometimes impossible, data retrieval. Documents can be lost while passing from office to office. Data entry costs can be reduced, if not avoided, thanks to highly automated solutions.

According to your company’s specific needs, Oberon creates workflow projects that can automate, streamline and integrate the document flow into corporate infrastructures. Solutions that process documents by enriching them with information for the document retrieval, before sending them to the database; solutions that can perform an automatic capture of data from scanned forms and then integrate i tinto the corporate system: all of our solutions are highly customizable and easy to use and configure. Oberon analyze, designs and integrates the best document management solution for your needs.

The ideal document management let your users retrieve information very fast and in a intuitive way. This is a huge benefit in terms of optimization of the company resources and waste reduction. Relying on an automatic management system prevents human errors and document losses.

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