Printing forms on demand lets you get the best out of your laser printers, in compliance with the need of having up-to-date forms easily and without jeopardizing the Corporate Identity.


Ever since the introduction of Windows, which allows to manage graphic elements easily and consistently, most of the Companies have changed the old preprinted forms with electronic forms.

But when print jobs come from extra-Windows systems, where the download of graphic elements with variable data is still a hurdle, the problem is clear. Even though this issue is solved, there's still a problem with the network overload, as files containing fixed data are much bigger than the ones containing simple variable data (normally text only). Having a heavier load on the network means higher costs, especially in case of remote printing.


E-Form solutions offered by Oberon combine flexibility and convenience: available as hardware, software or even service, these products interface with any system where variable data come from, adding a always up-to-date graphics that changes along with the corporate identity.

As these products are scalable, it's possible to perform POC installation that can be extended to other departments. E-form solutions can interface with existing applications on the systems, without requiring any change, as they work on the variable data right before printing. One of the most effective feature is the possibility to create multiple copies out of one single spool, in order to print on different paper (to replace the old carbon copy). Customizations can be created to manage printouts.


The keyword is flexibility. Printing e-form on demand allows to get rid of obsolete paper stock and to integrate personalized marketing messages into basic document as invoices and shipment papers.


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