Barcode is an efficient and well-established technology that can include a huge quantity of information into a small area and in a way that can be easily interpreted by any reader. Barcode is commonly used in many scopes and it’s a constant presence in everyday life: supermarket, pharmacy, public transport, post services, etc.


The use of barcode for document digital archiving and the Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) is more and more often a presence into the business processes, tending to replace paper documents with efficient and accurate digital information.

Managing documents identified by a barcode can streamline the data processes, but the barcode must be printed in a way that makes it readable for any barcode reader. Printing barcodes directly on corporate documents is then a growing need, together with the quality of the printout, especially in environment in which personalizations are not so easy to get, as AS/400 and SAP. Furthermore, printers dedicated only to barcode printing mean a huge cost, especially for those companies that don’t use barcodes for the most of their production processes.

Barcode printing solutions offered by Oberon let you use your laser printer in any environment to create any type of barcode, in any format and direction. These solutions are supplied on hardware media according to the device they will be installed on and they are compatible with any environment, without requiring any change to existing drivers.

Printing barcodes on laser printing, without requiring dedicated printers, means a huge saving and an increased value of installed devices.

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