Stethos Enhanced Laser Printing System (ELP) is an intelligent, modular, scalable and very efficient Output Management System. One of the main objectives of ELP is the easy usage and the very short training period. ELP offers different possibilities to enhance and modify the printer data stream without interfering with existing processes.


How it works:
Thanks to a very simple programming, ELP let you modify the spool for a personalized use, without changing anything on the source system (AS/400, SAP or else). Besides the basic version, some optional modules allow to print mono- and bi-dimensional barcodes, OMR and special character sets (greek, Cyrillic, Chinese, etc). Epson and ProPrinter emulations are also available for a better compatibility with old products. ELP is licensed by number of printers and can lay both on a printing device (printer or MFP) and Windows server.

Thanks to ELP e-form can come from any kind of software, print multiple copies with different text using different input trays (from the same spool), invert pages, and much more.


Supported devices:
ELP is available on different hardware support for a total compatibility with any printer.

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