SafeCom is a modular and scalable print management solution that covers any needs on secure and pull printing, tracking and cost control, rule-based printing, pay-for-print. SafeCom integrates printers and multifunction devices with an authentication system based on Company badge (magnetic and proximity cards) or users code and PIN.


How it works:
Pull print – secure printing: rethink your printing method, as choosing the destination printer from the pc is no more necessary, as the user can retrieve and collect his print jobs on any of the devices (printer or multifunction) powered by SafeCom.

Traceability: the tracking module allows to track the printing flow generated on Pull and Push queues, as well as the copy and send-to functionality of the MFP. The SafeCom Reports tool collects and creates detailed reports, sorted by user or device.

Rule-based printing: this module let you set simple rules to manage the printing activities of users groups. Rule-base printing can optimize the use of devices according to the kind of job. E.g. a rule can forbid the color printing of e-mail messages, or force to print them as monochrome, duplex and on a specific device. It’s also possible to block or reroute a print job on a printer that is more suitable based on the number of pages to print.

Pay-for-print: this module enables to charge for print outs and copies. The SafeCom user can buy a scalable credit and use it to print or copy pages on multifunction devices with SafeCom Pay. Upon authentication with badge or user code, the user can check the total amount of the credit and the cost for single jobs, and perform print and copies charging that credit. When the credit is low or exhausted, the user can top up at the system administrator.

Security (encryption): the Encryption module grants a high security level, by encrypting the data flow from and to the SafeCom devices.


  • Scalability gives you the best value for money
  • Control and saving your printing costs, as only useful documents are printed and collected
  • The tracking module lets you have a steady control on printing activities and on devices, with a consistent cost control
  • privacy, thanks to the possibility to collect the printout as soon as it gets out of the printer  
  • pay for print as a service offered in education, health, libraries, public areas
  • reduction of waiting times, by collecting the printout at any of the devices equipped with SafeCom  
  • downtime reduction, as users can refer to other devices equipped with SafeCom
  • Rule Base Printing module lets you get the best out of devices, respecting their capabilities

Supported devices:
SafeCom is available as embedded for most of the brands available on the market. For any other device SafeCom is available as an external solution, with card reader and color touch screen. For further information on supported devices, please contact our staff.

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