MegaForm is a very simple and efficient solution that helps replacing preprinted forms and old impact printers with high quality documents printed with laser printers. There’s no need to modify your printing application, as MegaForm enriches your variable data with high quality graphic elements and, if needed, also variable data. With some simple tasks, it allows to modify the positioning on paper, the font and some more features, thus avoiding expensive and invasive changes to the source printing applications. You’ll have the possibility to renew your corporate forms anytime, reducing time and costs, thanks to professional e-form printed as mono or color.


How it works:

MegaForm is made of modules:

MegaForm Design allows to create e-form easily, using drag-and-drop functionality and supporting True Type Font. Thanks to the WYSIWYG layout, the user draws his forms just with his mouse, implementing boxes, layers, logos, barcodes and inserting fixed and dynamic graphic elements, depending on the characteristics of the variable data spool. Data spool coming from existing applications could be TXT (ASCII) or CSV (comma separated value) and are remapped into the new e-form just by using the mouse.

MegaForm Print performs the merge of the forms created with MegaForm Design with data coming from other sources.

MegaForm Server makes the above mentioned processes automatic and invisible for the user. The spool managed by MegaForm Server can be printed together with graphic layouts and turned into PDF for a further storage.


The MegaForm WEB Archives option archives the documents as soon as they are created, releasing them for those authorized users that can access them via Intranet with a common web browser.


  • Company forms can be personalized and modified anytime
  • Reduction of waste on preprinted paper, subject to obsolescence  
  • PDF output for a better integration with digital archiving systems


Supported O.S.

Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Seven, 2003, 2008, UNIX, LINUX

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