LinkCom IPDS


LinkCom III is a multifunctional and versatile protocol converter designed to support both IBM host printing and any PC/LAN printing on laser printers including laser printers with MFP capabilities.

How it works:

LinkCom III features a two port switch for connection to the network and for connection to the printer. IBM host print data will be translated in the LinkCom III and converted into PCL or PostScript and sent to the printer using TCP/IP. PC/LAN printing is directed transparently via the switch of LinkCom III and sent unchanged to the printer. Any MFP capability of the printer e.g. remote configuration, scanning or fax option is maintained and fully operational.


  • Easy to install and configure
  • Supports Full Color IPDS (optional)
  • supports IPP (Internet Printing Protocol)

Supported devices:
LinkCom III is available as an internal hardware for HP LaserJet printers with EIO slot. For other PCL5 and PostScript printers it is available as an external box.

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