Cost reduction, improved security and green are extremely important for any kind of Business. With Equitrac any Company or Corporation from any vertical can implement a unique intelligent solution with an immediate impact on all of the three goals.

Equitrac enables the users authentication by the network printing devices, via a PIN code or the Company badge, tracks print and copy activities, allows to print and collect jobs in total security, the setting and automatic application of rule based printing. Equitrac helps a lot in the reduction of waste in paper and toner.

How it works:
Equitrac is available as a small version (up to 10 devices) and as enterprise version (unlimited number of devices, sorted by modules of 100). The basic server module performs the tracking of devices and the rule-based printing. By adding the authentication module, the pull printing (Follow You Printing®) functionality is active. The authentication module enables to implement further functionalities related to the user, such as print quota and user rights.

Equitrac allows to:

  • define print quota sorted by kind of users and devices
  • track costs by file size, paper, color or duplex
  • reroute jobs from desktop printers to multifunction devices with a lower avarage cost per page
  • authorize each user and define their access to functionalities according to their usage rights
  • store documents in a protected server until the user authenticate at the printer (Follow-You Printing ®), thus avoiding unattended and uncollected documents in the output tray
  • select printing jobs manually, cancel double or erroneous job
  • cancel unclaimed jobs in queue, automatically
  • manage alerts related to consumables and the device status, thanks to an integrated module
  • print from mobile devices, integrating with PrinterOn


  • multibrand, can be used with deployed devices
  • cost reduction
  • increased security for devices and documents
  • green (forced duplex printing to reduce paper waste, monochrome printing to reduce color toner waste)
  • integrated management of alerts on consumables and device status
  • Oberon can integrate Equitrac also on multibrand deployments, thus providing a global support along the integration process


Supported devices:
Equitrac is a multibrand solution, integrating with printers and multifunction devices from all of the leading OEMs.

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