The IPDS Blue kit offers seamless processing of AFP and IPDS datastream on HP LaserJet printer and MFPs. The HP LaserJet will process complex AFP and IPDS job coming from IBM host systems.

How it works:

MPI Blue Kit is installed in a memory slot of the printer or MFP. The network activity will continue normally, with the possibility to receive AFP/IPDS output from IBM Mainframe, AS/400 and AIX systems. There is no need to purchase expensive system printers. The IPDS Blue Kit Is a simple plug and play solution that lets you start saving immediately by turning your HP LaserJet printer and MFP into a multi system printer.


  • Easy to install and configure
  • Total compatibility
  • Certified by HP
  • Helps you save by using your laser printer instead of dedicated printers

Supported devices:
To check the compatibility with HP devices, please check this link

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