The Blue Server is a powerful server based transform solution that converts and distributes output from IBM System z®, IBM System i®, Infoprint Manager and other platforms without the need to modify the applications generating the data.


How it works:
The Blue Server will automatically translate AFP to PDF,  AFPDS, IPDS and SCS data to PCL, PostScript, PDF, TIFF, PPML and other formats for printing, viewing or archiving of legacy documents. The software also has the capability to customize existing PCL and PostScript print jobs to leverage unique printer features.



  • Friendly GUI to configure and monitor printer activity
  • Enhance PCL workflow to add overlays, barcodes, images, logos, or special features
  • Bi-directional communication with printer providing full error recovery
  • Supports the latest AFP full color enhancements
  • Supports large printer install (more than 500 printers per server)
  • Automatic overlay insert (ideal for impact printer / pre-printed forms replacement)


Supported devices:
The Blue Server supports virtually all existing PCL or Postscript printers without compromising printer performance. Additionally, it delivers power where needed to distribute (e-mail, archive) mission critical output, in PDF, PDF/A or TIFF formats throughout the Enterprise.

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