BarDimm is the solution that let you print barcode printing on HP LaserJet printers, in SAP and AS/400 environments. Developed by Jetmobile and integrated into the biggest companies all over the world, this solution is perfect for those who need barcode directly on a laser printer, without jeopardizing applications nor using dedicated printers. BarDimm is certified SAP R/3.

How it works:
BarDimm is placed in a memory slot of the printer (it could be a MFC or USB, depending on the printer model) and contains an intelligent firmware that produces the barcode and calculates the check digit. The driver for SAP R/3 makes barcode printing even easier in this environment. For printers that does not support internal memory expansions, it is delivered as an external box, connected via LAN or USB.


  • Cost reduction, without printers dedicated to barcode only
  • Versatility, printing any barcode in any format with any printer
  • Immediate document storage, printing barcode easily on corporate documents
  • Developed for SAP

Supported devices:

USB for HP LaserJet:




HP LJ M506/M527/M552/M553/M577mfp/M604/M605/M606/HP Page Wide 556/586



M525/M551/M575mfp/M601/M602/M603/M630mfp/M651/M680/M712/M725/M750/M775/M806/M830/M855mfp/M880/CM4540mfp/M4555mfp/CP5525/HP OfficeJet MFP X555/X585/HP Page Wide MFP E58650dn

External box (BarDimm Box):
Any PCL5 printer

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