The process of document capture is based on two key points: a source (scanner, multifunction device, e-mail, and much more) and a destination (database, document management system, folders). The data capture can be optimized thanks to Autostore, a middleware software that lays between source and destination and offers a key value: the automatic process and routing.


How it works:

Autostore is a middleware software that covers three main phases: document capture from multiple sources, their processing and route to multiple applications.

Documents acquired by Autostore could come from:

  • Network devices (multifunction, digital copiers)
  • scanner (both Twain and ISIS)
  • network folders or desktop PC
  • POP3 e-mail
  • XML

Autostore processes include:

  • OCR (ABBYY FineReader, ScanSoft)
  • Forms recognition (Open Forms)
  • Image processing (enhancement of the image quality, split, rotation, deskew, ...)
  • Barcode recognition (linear and 2D) with document indexing and split
  • Document security (RCB, RC2e RC4)
  • Document convertion (searchable PDF, RTF, XLS, e...)


After being captured and processed, documents are then sent to multiple destinations:

  • Document management systems (Documentum, Hummingbird, iManage, TRIM, Domino.Doc, IXOS, MS SharePoint)
  • collaboration software (Microsoft Exchange, IBM Lotus Notes/Domino)
  • fax server (Biscom, Castgelle, Lotus Fax for Domino, RightFAX)
  • printers, multifunction devices, e-mail
  • enterprise archives (HP RISS)



Having Autostore integrated means to streamline a lot of processes. An example: an insurance company needs to archive different kind of policies coming from different agencies. The users will send scanned and indexed policies to the central server, with a very simple thus secure procedure. The barcode technology allow to skip the indexing process, but just press a button on the front panel. Once scanned, the policies will be addressed to the Autostore server at the headquarters, then processed and placed in specific folders with specific names.

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