Barcode 8026 is a solution that lets you print any kind of barcode on HP LaserJet printers, both in DOS and Windows environment, thus reducing the costs for dedicated barcode printers.

How it works:

Barcode 8026 is placed in a memory slot of the printer (it could be a MFC or USB, depending on the printer model) and contains the barcode fonts. For printers that does not support internal memory expansions, it is delivered as an external box, connected via LAN or USB.


  • Cost reduction, without printers dedicated to barcode only
  • Versatility, printing any barcode in any format with any printer
  • Immediate document storage, printing barcode easily on corporate documents

Supported devices:
USB for HP LaserJet:




HP LJ M506/M527/M552/M553/M577mfp/M604/M605/M606



M525/M551/M575mfp/M601/M602/M603/M630mfp/M651/M680/M712/M725/M750/M775/M806/M830/M855mfp/M880/CM4540mfp/M4555mfp/CP5525/HP OfficeJet MFP X555/X585

External box (Barcode Box):
Any PCL5 printer

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