Oberon turns 30!


It was back in 1987 when our company was established. We had different expertise and different backgrounds, but once we joined them together, we started off with a lot of projects and technologic enhancements. Enthusiasm, determination and the strong will to offer an added value to our Customers, have always been characteristic of our style, since the beginning.

Our competence ground has always been laser printing. The first printers on the market had a very basic technology and we wanted to do more: we developed and added new potential that seemed to be impossible at that time. We've been a sort of pioneers of e-form on laser printers, when preprinted modules were a consolidated standard. Our solutions allowed to manage barcodes, thus reducing dedicated printers and offering a cost reduction to our Customers. We helped small printers to communicate with huge systems. Things from bygone times, that are so easy now.


Along with the release of new and enhanced printers, at the beginning of 2000s, our commitment in developing new solutions has become even more challenging: more possibilities, more flexibility, but also more dedication to technologic growth. Printers evolved, also thanks to the innovations proposed by our developers network, but we evolved too. We expanded the collaboration with the major printer vendors, getting more certifications as Developers. The partnership with other solution developers became consolidated and we started integrating print management solutions (above all, SafeCom and Equitrac, then acquired by Nuance), extending and reinforcing our expertise, and adding our own customizations.


Research and evolution have always been a keypoint in our growth and our mission has always been looking ahead. So we get to the Cloud and the innumerable possibilities offered by this new step of the Printing's evolutionary process. We constantly work on the concept of Internet of Things, together with our Partners, by considering printers as an item of the long list of "things" that are subject to this evolution. There will soon be important news and the results of our research will be even more visible.


Yes, we're turning 30 years old, and we would like to thank all of the companies and corporations, both Partners and Customers, that supported us for so long, getting the best out of solutions, integrations and professional services we offer. We'll continue to propose the best solutions and to develop our customizations for you, to fulfil every printing and document management need.

Always looking ahead, always beyond printing!